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Video Design

Our creative video production team helps businesses & brands achieve great results using video.

What our videos are used for:

Create brand awareness

Viewer engagement is over 300% more when using video vs just text and images alone. Importantly, retention is increased by over 85% when they see your brand in a video vs other channels. If you are a new or up-coming brand and you need to get your identity out there quickly, then a video from us will be the perfect solution for you.

Engage your audience

Engaging videos are video that makes the viewer take action based on your message. This maybe a sale, call or other action which you would like the viewer to take at the end of the video. We create videos which are memorable, creative, eye-catching and engaging, which will gently guide your viewers to reach out to you.

Sell products & services

Relaying the benefits of a product or service can be quite challenging, especially when you need 1500+ words to do so as the reader switches of. That’s where video shines, you don’t need to tell them about your product/service, you can show them. If done correctly, you can see results of over 85% more sales/leads than using text/image based pages alone.

Types of video we provide:

Corporate Video Production

Promotional Video Production

Training Video Production

Animated Video Production

Internal Communication Videos

Video Content Marketing

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