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Brand Identity

We help awaken your brand through brand strategy and brand identity!

Now, more than ever, it’s essential that your brand speaks to your customers.
We provide a complete brand development service covering everything from a basic logo, to a complete brand identity. We specialise in helping business’s & individuals develop an effective brand identity, that enforces your brand message and values whilst remaining eye-catching and memorable.
We can create brand identities for almost any type of business operating in any type of industry. These include, but not limited to:

Our proven branding process

Conduct Research

Understand your vision, current strategies, ideal goals and values of your brand, understand your stakeholder’s requirements & review your marketplace, ideal customer & competitors.

Develop A Clear Strategy

Finalise the vision, identity the target markets, identify your USP or competitive advantage, brand values, personality, promise & message.

Brand Creation

Concept designs for the brands primary & secondary colours, fonts, shapes, gradients and icons. Secondary and tertiary logo’s, colours, fonts etc, everything that will be the face of your new brand.

Brand Implementation

Once finalised, we will help roll out your branding consistently on all of your materials. These include your website, stationery, brochures, leaflets & flyers, signage, product packaging & labelling, adverts, transport, uniform etc.

Brand Identity Colour Choices
Brand Guidelines

Managing the consistency of your brand after it is rolled out is key to maintaining the high standards we produce. To ensure that everyone is clear about when and how your branding is to be used, a set of branding guidelines will be produced which you can share with all of your employees, suppliers and other 3rd parties which create content for and who use your brand.

Why choose us?

Our branding team specialises in creating brand identities which resonate. Whether you want something very simple and corporate or something over the top and creative, our team has the passion to create a brand which connects and creates human emotions.

We are passionate about helping businesses achieve their dream of success and all this starts with a great brand.

PP-Guidelines Cover
Brand Guidelines

Your brand’s core visual brand identity is made up of 3 main elements:

  1. Logo
  2. Colour
  3. Typography

When it comes to building a memorable brand, consistency is everything.

The best brands stick in our brains because their presence is defined by the repetition of the same logo, fonts, colours, and images.

Brand guidelines is a book of rules that explains how people internally & externally should use a brand throughout the organisation. These include logo, font and colour selections, transport livery, packaging and more.

In simple terms, the brand guidelines is considered a brand bible to any organisation.

Logo Design

Do you have an idea for your logo design but not sure how to bring it to life? Maybe you have no idea what you want and need a creative team to create some awesome concepts?

Either way, a logo is going to be one of the most essential parts of your brand guidelines and our team will create primary, & secondary logo designs for your brand.

We will even create a tertiary option if required as well as a favicon as part of your guidelines creation process.

Purple Penguin Logo
Brand Colours

The colours of your brand are a reflection of your brand identity. When choosing your colour palette you should think about your brands personality and the brand message that you wish to portray.

If you are a creative service, then you want something bold, bright & colourful. If you are looking for something more corporate & professional than simpler colours like black, white, grey & dark blue maybe more appropriate with subtle use of bright colours throughout.

Whatever you message or brand, we can help you pick and design the perfect corporate colours for your business.


Often overlooked in branding, typography comprises of a large part of a brands identity.

Typography in our brand guidelines specifies the fonts that designers can use when creating new materials for your brand. They define the rules around size, spacing, capitalisation, and font types which are approved.

Typography guideline ensure that your brand’s fonts are used consistently in all your branding communications.

Typography Page
Unique Icons
Unique Icons

We can create for your brand unique icons which are exclusive to your brands identity.

You maybe tempted use stock icons as a cheap fix for icons, but the problem with these is, they are used by numerous brands all over the world as stock designers create designs which appeal to the masses.

By creating your own unique icons, you can create a memorable design which is as identifiable as a logo.


With everything moving online, Business Stationery is often considered redundant when planning a business’s identity. With so much correspondence now transmitted over email, social media or via a website, it is not hard to see that letterheads are not a vital as they we’re 30 years ago.

Even though there usage has vastly reduced over the years, there are still benefits to having professionally designed business stationery as they are still used in any business.

Stationery isn’t just limited to letterhead paper, compliment slips and business cards, it also includes branded envelopes, notepads, proposal/presentation folders and more.

Our designers can make stationery for any industry or niche and our guidelines, make it clear how the finished product should look before to ensure 100% consistency in it’s usage.

Purple Penguin Stationery
Purple Penguin Marketing Van
Vehicle Livery

When creating a new brand, most companies do not include vehicle livery or plan for designs throughout their fleet.

Often, even within the same organisation, people can interpret your design differently meaning that you could have two vehicles which are not quite the same.

By utilising the guidelines, your suppliers can ensure that every vehicle comes out identical to the ones before.

Packaging & Labels

Another element of your brand is the packaging & labelling side of things.

Consistency with these elements are essential as this is the part of your brand which is put in front of clients, customers or prospects. In other words, this is handed to the outside world where brand perfection is key.

Our designers can create unique designs and outline these within your guidelines to ensure that inconsistencies within the design do not affect your brand identity negatively.

Purple Penguin Branded Box