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The 7 Essential Things to Consider When Building a Website

Building a website is not just about slapping a few pages together, any website designer can do that.  But that there are 7 essential things that must be considered with every website that any decent web designer should and must understand and deliver. Whether your website is a small 3-page site or a more complex website with eCommerce and other interactions the 7 essential things to consider when building a website do not change.

Purpose and Audience

Your website has to serve a purpose. This must be defined before it is even discussed with a web designer. Is your website just for branding or for information? is a reaction or action expected or not?  Do you want people to buy directly from you or make contact to set up an appointment?  These are vital questions to ask.

Once the questions are answered you can then decide who your audience is. Defining your target audience gives you an idea of what information to display and how best to display it. Knowing your audience makes a massive difference to your website, especially when it comes to incorporating SEO.

Make it Mobile

It sounds almost too obvious but your website must be mobile.  Many websites can resize to fit on a phone and sort of be read, but truly mobile websites take into consideration that people interact differently when viewing a website on a mobile device. Menus and workflows will be followed differently and dropdowns need more thought. Images and videos, even fonts, may display differently from one device to another. Today, as much as 80% of your traffic could come from a mobile device and if your website doesn’t work well in mobile format then you will lose that traffic.

Look at the competition

Don’t be afraid to look at what others are doing. Don’t copy their ideas or wording exactly, but take a close look at what they are doing and you will see what they are doing well or ideally what they are not. Your competitors are great for giving you an idea of what you want your visitors want to see from your industry.

Time and then some

The one thing that differentiates a successful website from a dismal website is time. Spending time on your website to get it just as you want is perhaps the greatest investment you can make. Yes, it can feel like a sacrifice but the return on investment can be phenomenal.  The amount of time spent on your website, pre-producing copy, sourcing images, research should be equal to what you spend or value your website at.


We have already told you to look at the competition and we did not say to copy them, that’s because you are going to be a better job! Be creative, dare to stand out and make your website representative of your brand – a new website can be a chance to revisit your branding, logos and more and this is a rare chance to do so.

Plan and be real

Failing to plan is planning to fail. The old adage is as true with a new website as it is with anything else. Putting a plan in place and project managing it always pays off. Set realistic deadlines and find the balance between expediting the build and taking your time. Communication between the website developers and yourself is vital to make your website a success.

Be open and flexible

A website is an organic structure and being open to growth and flexible to change, is essential to success. Keeping up with technology, industry news or just simple trends is vital. Your website is not something you build and then just sit back and admire, it something that you continue to work on to make work for you.

Kirsty Annandale
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