How to make digital content work using old school marketing
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How to make digital content work using old school marketing

There is a lot of noise around digital marketing and the use of content. There is confusion between digital marketing and social media marketing, and it is easy to be bombarded by a host of ideas that will “work best” for a company. So How do you make digital content work using old school marketing?This is understandable and it is very easy for companies with less understanding of digital marketing to be fooled into implementing solutions that sound great but are not really suited for the purpose.

Big Agency Syndrome

Among traditional marketers and consultants there is what some call “big agency syndrome”. In this situation companies are led to believe that bigger companies are better because they know more and have more expertise. In truth, while the larger digital agencies may have more people with expertise, they are not necessarily better skilled. Smaller companies are equally as well equipped as the bigger agencies. Don’t be fooled, when it comes to digital marketing, concepts and content, bigger is not always better.

Digital concepts that work

There is no one size fits all when it comes to digital marketing for a business. Traditional marketing know-how and going back to basics are where getting digital concepts that work for your business begin. Old school marketing theories still apply, just because the platform is digital or electronic and has a very large potential audience the why, the purpose and the reason still matter. Thee is massive competition in the digital marketplace but it is not different to times gone by when companies fought for space in the print media, on the high-street and even the telephone directories. Knowing your business, conveying this to an agency and then translating your message for the best platform is the secret to digital marketing success.

Know why and what for

It is really easy to be wowed by everything for video and graphics to big numbers that say “reach”. However, reach only means that people may have glanced by your content or media, it is little more than a measurement of how many cars drove by your billboard. You need to know why something is considered as the right idea for you, why a certain style of graphic will work for you and what the outcome of using this in the form you are presented with is. It is back to basics and a smaller agency will often work closer with you to get this right and with good old school marketing thinking the balance between creativity, clever use of technology and outright conversion of sales is close to perfect.

The place for traditional marketing

With the pace that business needs to move today, traditional marketing can be overlooked. However, the methodology behind old school marketing, doing things on paper in many ways, has never been more important. When implementing a digital strategy falling back on the timeless questions that old school marketers fell back on to provide assurance of success where measurability was far less capable and accurate than today is well worth applying. Traditional marketing methodology applied to the digital marketing world gives any business a massive advantage, saving time and effort and almost guaranteeing top notch outcomes.

Kirsty Annandale
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